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Henna - Premium

These elaborate free-handed designs are tailor-made to each guest allowing individuality and creativity.

* Professionally trained artist to give custom

free-handed henna designs on your skin.

* Accommodates approximately 4-6 guests per hour

(depending on the size and complexity of the design).

* Tight on time? Lots of guests? Hire more than 1 artist or choose Mini Masterpieces!  We respect your budget.


Henna - Mini Masterpieces

These smaller simple designs are beautiful pieces of art but take approximately 5 minutes to make.  This allows for 8 to 10 designs per hour.


* Professionally trained artist to give custom free-handed  

   henna designs on your skin.

* Tight on time? Lots of guests? Hire more than 1 artist.


What is Henna all about?

How Is It Done?
The henna paste is free-hand applied to the skin and it looks a lot like cake-decorating! As it dries, the skin absorbs the henna dye. The paste is removed when it is completely dry, leaving the henna stain on your skin.

What Colour Will It Be?
Natural henna ALWAYS takes 48 hours to reach its full colour. It begins as an orange stain then deepens to a reddish-brown colour.

What is White Henna?

Our white henna is not actually henna at all.  It is a FDA approved adhesive ink that is made for decorating the skin called Colorini Temporary Tattoo Color.  It may not be suitable for hyper-sensitive skin or children under the age of 5. Lasting 3-7 days.

How Long Will It Last?
Depending on size and detail of the design it will take anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours to apply. You will need to leave the henna paste on for at least ONE HOUR until it has completely dried, being careful not to smudge it.  The stain will stay visible as your skin naturally exfoliates usually lasting 1-3 weeks.

Stay Warm!

Heated, warm skin will stain deeper.

Does It Hurt?
NO! Not at all! It’s a pleasant and relaxing experience which feels a lot like being painted. For some, the hardest part  is the need to sit still for a while. Sometimes your skin will feel slightly cool.

Is It Safe?
Henna has been safely used around the world for thousands of years. Allergies are very rare - less than one in one million people are allergic to pure henna and any possible reactions are mild. It is important to ensure that any other ingredients that are included when preparing henna paste are harmless to the skin.

We do NOT use Black Henna!
Natural henna does NOT dye the skin BLACK. If a product is called ‘BLACK HENNA’ something has been added to the henna to make it turn black. Unfortunately, in recent years it has been known for a chemical called para-phenylenediamine (PPD) to be added to henna paste to produce a long-lasting black stain on the skin. This must be avoided in all circumstances as PPD is toxic and the more often it is used, the more chance of reaction. It can cause skin blisters, scarring, sickness and/or liver damage.

What is in our Henna?

We use natural Henna with a blend of citrus juices and essential oils.  

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