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​Why choose TrinityBodyArt?
  1. Quality and Creativity: Our artists are continually improving their techniques and skills to bring you beautiful designs at a fast pace that makes everyone happy! 
  2. Service: We love what we do & it shows. We are proud to be the top choice for body art in the peace region.
  3. Reliability: its very important to provide exceptional, dependable service in a trustworthy, ethical & professional way
  4. Safety: We proudly exceed Environmental Public Health regulations for this industry. We do not compromise quality paint that risk allergic reactions. We only use high pigmented, FDA approved, professional, cosmetic grade paints and products that you can count on.
  5. Value: You are getting more than just a face painter.  You are getting years of experience, a reliable team that is insured and licensed.
  6. Advertising: We belong to more than 50 groups and would be happy to advertise your event if you'd like.
Are your products safe?
We use only FDA approved top of the line, professional, quality make-up, face & body paint because we are committed to the safety of our clients. These water-based formulas are specifically designed to be hypo-allergenic, gentle and easy to remove with mild soap and water. Unfortunately, some painters aren't aware that using non-toxic paint is not acceptable. This may be non-toxic if ingested but they are NOT made for the skin and can cause major reactions and even death. 
How do wash face paint off?
The best way to wash off water-based face paint is to use a wash cloth with mild tear-free soap, washing in small, gentle circles.
How far do you travel?
 We service within the Grande Prairie city limits. We can provide you with a quote for events outside Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Do you have a minimum booking time?
Yes, typically one hour minimum. Any time over the first hour is pro-rated and we only bill for the time we use (ex. 1hr 15min = 1.25 x the hourly rate). Also, we offer different design options to fit your style of event. Our Fast Face Designs can be complete in under two minutes. While our most Elaborate Designs take 3-6 minutes with each.
Can you paint within the theme of my child's party?
Absolutely! Just let us know the theme of the party when booking and we will make sure to have some designs ready for the event. Though, keep in mind that more time may be needed per child depending on the complexity of the design and this may affect the booking time.
How soon should I book?
Face painting is very popular. Book as soon as your dates are confirmed. Typically, the closer we get to an event date, the less availability there is in our schedule.
When do I pay?
For small party's and events, the face painter will collect the fee at the end. For most large events, payments are due at time of booking.
What if my child objects?
If a child is reluctant to have his or her face painted, we will not force it. Young children do not always understand face painting, they just see a stranger putting something wet on their face. In these cases we find that a small design on the hand may be more enjoyable for them. 
What if I have a rash or other skin condition?
We can only paint on clean intact skin. Sometimes a design on a hand or arm may be needed.
What about sickness?
We are unable to paint anyone with visible allergy/illness symptoms. People with allergies may need to have a design painted on their hand or arm. Lastly, we reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone who is abusive, violent or intoxicated.
Do you hold public liability insurance?
Yes. We hold insurance coverage for $2,000,000.00 and we are happy to provide a photocopy upon request.
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